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For your first essay, discuss how technology might have changed the story and eventual outcome for Connie in “Where Are You Going, Where Have you Been?” by Joyce Carol Oates. The story was published in 1966, before some of the technological advancements many people have today for communication and safety. (Example: would a Ring video doorbell have potentially deterred Arnold Friend, or at least helped Connie’s family know what happened?) Some potential topics to consider with technology: • Communication (mobile phones, social media profiles, etc.) • Surveillance and safety (camera systems, doors that can lock via apps, alarm systems Writing Requirements Students must meet the minimum word count listed above, and follow the formatting guidelines below. Additionally, your essay must contain a minimum of two quotes from the text, properly cited in MLA with a Works Cited sheet at the end of the paper. See Canvas for more information on MLA and a template. You don’t need to summarize the story in the essay. You do, however, need a clear introduction and thesis statement, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Formatting Requirements • The upper left-hand corner of the page should state the following information on separate lines (only on first page): o Name (first and last) o Course (English Composition II) o Assignment title (Essay 1) o Date (Month, day, 2020) • Standard MLA formatting: o Times New Roman font o 12 pt font o Normal margins (1 each on each side, top, and bottom) o Double spacing throughout o Page numbers in the bottom right-hand corner (also in Times New Roman) • No spelling errors (please use spell check in MS Word before submitting) Area to be Evaluated % of Grade Meets Content and Length Goals Engagement with prompt and meeting minimum word count 20% Uses Specific Examples Uses a minimum of 2 specific examples from the short story, cited correctly in MLA format with a Works Cited page at the end. 40% Follows Essay Formatting Guidelines Essay follows formatting requirements and has used spell check 30% Creativity and Overall Impact Essay is expressive and answers the prompt creatively 10% General Comments and Grade Total: 100%Essay 1 Assignment Sheet

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