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Now you are ready to write your essay. This essay should follow the guidelines for an argument by definition. Remember, any we argument we write should have the “Four Pillars” to support the thesis (also referred to as the “claim”). “Why Do We Need to Define Fake News?” should be 1200 words in length. When you check the wordcount, highlight only the actual essay and be certain that the wordcount reads more than 1200 as we do not count articles (a, an, & the) as a part of the count. Write in the third person only. This means that you should not use the pronoun “you” at all. Make certain to take the time to proofread before you hand it in. To save time, you are to use the sources in the book (pg. 408) and any primary sources that they may quote or list in their essay notes. If you use a source in your essay, you must create a Works Cited list on the final page that follows the MLA Guidelines in format. (See Purdue OWL). The textbook is Practical argument and the sources referred to in the description is on 408

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