Environmental studies

Topic: Hazardous Waste Management in Biotech


Paper details:

Your writing assignment is a design of a compliant hazardous waste management program within the organization you have identified. This organization is CSL Behring LLC. This paper can be generic talking about the company but must specify CSL Behring LLC. The final project should cover the following: A brief history of the organization. Our parent company is CSL Limited so you can use info from them as well. A description of the operation and what hazardous substances are handled or generated. This can be about any biotech or pharmaceutical company. A description of the regulations (both federal and state) that apply to the operation (including transportation, solid waste, or medical waste). Use California as the reference and obviously the Federal Regulations of the United States as well. A description of any federal or state permits that exist with the operation. Again use California and the US as a guide for typical permits or regs that a biotech/pharma company would have. Any recommendations for the continued success or improvement of operations as it relates to RCRA The paper should serve as a proposbcqal for a waste management program.

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