Environmental health and issues and how these factors effect the economy.

Topic: My topic is on the environmental health and issues and how these factors effect the economy.

In the paper there are 5 key factors of the environment relating to the economy that is talked about. They are supply and demand, scientific outlook, technology, environmental care, the budget and environmental legislation, and the GDP of economic growth towards the environment. All of these topics directly relates to each other meaning that they all impact each other in a way. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) is talked about a lot because it has the most to do with the economy…. The paper must follow the rubric and research paper instructions on the files I shared. I also included a sample paper my professor gave us as a guide of some kind. The slide must be informational and easy to read for a 5min presentation in class.



Research Paper/Corporate Analysis and Blackboard Collaborate Presentation(210 pts. = 15%)


Research paper must be submitted in Blackboard by Sunday, Nov. 22 at 11:00 p.m.


Research/CorporateAnalysis in a 5-slide power-point presentation in a Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Live Chat on Sunday, Nov.22nd from 5:00-6:30 p.m.


  • 3 power-point slides should be dedicated to the 5 economic impacts
  • 2 power-point slides should be dedicated to the corporate analysis


All Students must participate with a five-minute presentation of their research in the live chatroom.


Presentations will be done in order of entrance into the chatroom. Please read the following instructionscarefully. You must provide a proposal on the scheduled date for comments by the instructor. Please addressthe following questions carefully, clearly paraphrasing each question you are addressing.


Research Paper and Corporate Analysis outline


Part 1 – is a five-page paper in APA format (6th Ed.) of research on a topic and the five economic impacts that topic has on the economy. The five pages do not include the title page, theappendix with an economic model,or references.


o Reference Page – Must be in APA format.


o Five sources must be cited for this information and include two scholarly, peer-reviewedeconomic journals articles (Newspapers are not acceptable, do not use the Wall Street Journal orthe New York Times). Three additional sources from business publications such as Business

Week, Forbes, or Fortune are acceptable. The research librarians are pleased to assist.


o Appendix – Use an Economic Model from the textbook, i.e. Phillips Curve, Extended AD/AS

Model to illustrate your conclusions. Gross Private Domestic Investment, Government Spending,Net Exports, Unemployment rates, or Inflation rates.


Example, my topic is hydro-fracking and how it impacts the economy:

➢ job creation,

➢ net exports,

➢ gas consumption,

➢ tax rates,

➢ training and education.

Part 2 – Choose a publicly traded corporation in the industry related to your topic. Your corporate analysis willbe an additional 2-3 pages (at the end your research paper).


Example, since my topic is hydro-fracking, I will choose a public-traded corporation in the natural gasindustry.


Syllabus – Page 6 of 12 rev. 8/2020


The corporate analysis must contain all of the components listed on the rubric. The analysis will be anadditional 2-3 pages. It does not need to be in APA format. Copy and paste thecomponents listed in the rubric.


➢ General Company Description: includes exchange symbol,

➢ Industry and Sector Analysis

➢ Overview of Products

➢ Operations Revenue Breakdown – by segment and region.

➢ Key Ratios:

➢ Quarterly Income Statements (including Beta analysis)

➢ SWOT Analysis

➢ Current Events

➢ Recommendations


Part 3 – Prepare and present 5 power-point slides on this project. Three slides dedicated to the topic and theeconomic impacts. Two slides are dedicated to the corporation you have chosen.


Part 4 – Present your slides with a 4-minute presentation in Blackboard Collaborate Ultra with the entire class.Presentations will be done in the order students enter in the virtual classroom; a microphone is required.

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