Elaborate on the aspects of non-verbal behaviour that are influencing your communications.

Your team consists of Swedish managers for the clothing company SweClo based in Stockholm, Sweden. The company produces high end fashion clothes such as shoes, pants, shirts, swimwear, lingerie and hats. In Sweden the success of the brand is enormous due to its commitment to fair and sustainable business practices, empowerment of women and sensual marketing appeal. Your company now wishes to expand internationally and you have been sent to Turkey to conduct negotiations and achieve the best possible results. You are aware that there are large cultural differences between Sweden and Turkey and that your business tactics, negotiations and marketing ways might have to change. However, the success of the company lies with the core ideology of strong beautiful women that are sexy and at the same time powerful, smart and in control. You do not wish to lose this image of the brand yet some cultural adaptation may be needed.

use the context above to answer these questions
1. Illuminate the key differences, using cultural dimensions, between these two countries. Draw attention to potential problem areas.
2. Refer to the uploaded country profile for Sweden. Study the tables concerning Oral communications elements and written communications elements. Redo these two tables for Turkey. Remember to cite your sources.
3. Explain how you will proceed through the stages of intercultural negotiations. Is there anything in particular you must be especially careful about?
4. You are concerned about communicating effectively with your counterpart from Turkey. List the cultural dimensions that will have the biggest impact on your communications and elaborate on the other barriers that you foresee possibly hindering communications.
5. You want to set up a subsidiary in Turkey. Describe and justify your choice of staffing policy and explain why this makes the most sense. Also explain your choice of control mechanisms.
6. Throughout the negotiations your Turkish counterpart seems to be behaving erratically. Elaborate on the aspects of non-verbal behaviour that are influencing your communications.
7. Some of the employees in the subsidiary will be from Turkey. Explain how your motivational techniques will have to differ in contrast to the techniques used on employees from your home country Sweden.
8. Your negotiations partner would prefer that no expatriates are sent from your country to the subsidiary; however, you insist that this is necessary. Explain why using expatriates is a delicate process and elaborate about who needs to do what in order to increase the likelihood of successful expatriation use.

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