Eating Disorders Effects

Please use the PDF file as a baseline for the essay. Please use the organization F.E.A.S.T as the stakeholder.

In Project 2, you will learn how to identify the argument of one

of your stakeholders as projected through their visual images and think

critically about the visual and rhetorical strategies this particular

group implements in their campaigns. You will choose two specific images created by the organization about a global or cultural issue

(i.e. advertisements, PSAs, or static images used on a website, flyer,

billboard, etc.), and analyze how these visual arguments reflect the

organization’s goals.

You will write an essay of 1200-1400 words based on the following requirements:

select a single stakeholder (commercial or non-profit organization) and present its goals, mission, or message regarding your chosen topic or issue
include a thesis that presents the relationship between the two images and the stakeholder’s main argument, including how the two images represent the interests of the stakeholder and its goals, message, or mission
provide background on the stakeholder (context)
analyze the rhetorical strategies used in both images, taking into consideration audience, message, purpose, rhetorical appeals, and/or rhetorical fallacies, and pointing to specific details from the image to support your claim
use at least three sources; one must be a source from the stakeholder, and the others may come from secondary sources about the stakeholder or about the images discussed
Stakeholder: an organization or individual with a vested interest or concern; often financial, but can be influenced by various factors
Visual Rhetoric: argumentative strategies conveyed through images or design; includes aesthetics, color, media, typography, and space
Rhetorical Appeals: strategies used in the art of persuasion
Ethos: appeal to credibility or morality
Pathos: appeal to the emotions
Logos: appeal to logic and reason
Kairos: appeal to timeliness
Rhetorical Fallacies: logical errors or inconsistencies in an argument

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