Drug problems and opioid crisis in Derry New Hampshire

What is the magnitude of the problem in the agency?

I. Overview of Community and Need:

This section should serve as the foundation for presenting your agency needs assessment; it is your opportunity to comprehensively describe the selected agency and its identified need. Overall, it is important to include any information that is pertinent for comprehending the agency and need. It is up to you to establish a robust context for understanding and responding to the agency’s need.

II. Communication with the Agency:

This section should include a summary of your research in addition to any correspondence between you and your selected agency that has occurred up to this point in the term. This will include the agency’s description of its need and why it is a need, as well as the research you conducted with the agency to obtain additional information about the need, such as why the need is present and what resources were previously used to attempt to address the need. While conducting interviews with the agency, use the interview consent form provided in the course materials. Remember: If you are not able to get in contact with an agency, you may use the agency’s website and the agency‘s mission and vision for the foundation of your project

. III. Gathering Community Information (Methodology)

: Your methodology for this project is a brief systematic literature review. In this section, discuss how you collected your information and provide justification for your chosen method(s). Describe step-by-step for the reader how you conducted your brief systematic literature review so that the reader could follow your methods if they wanted to replicate the study.

IV. Literature Review:

Using primary and secondary sources, provide a brief review of the literature and an evaluative review of the topic. What does the literature say about the topic, and how will you utilize this information? Through a review of the literature, your evaluation should include but not be limited to the relationship of the following to your topic

: A. The application of criminological theories

B. Ethical impact

C. The impact of the organizational culture

D. The impact of technologies

E. Previously attempted interventions in other agencies around this issue and their success (or lack thereof)

V. Need Analysis:

This section should include your analysis of the data you gathered on the agency need. This will provide your conclusions drawn from the raw data you described in the preceding section. Referring to your assessment of the agency and comprehensive analysis and evaluation of the problem, address the following:

A. What is the magnitude of the problem in the agency?

B. What resources and interventions currently exist in the agency?

C. Provide a description of the impact the current resources and interventions are having on the agency. Are they effective? Why or why not?

D. What obstacles exist in the agency that prevent impacting or addressing the problem?

Citations/Formatting: Your agency needs assessment should be 5–8 pages in length and should include the necessary elements that one would find in a professional needs assessment. The information should be cited according to the rules of the latest publication manual of the American Psychological Association (APA). You may include illustrations, photographs, graphs and charts, and other nontextual materials as needed to support the needs assessment. These can be placed in an appendix at the end of the final paper, or if appropriate, incorporated in the body of your paper.

Agency’s information that was Provided by agency



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Drug problems and opioid crisis In New Hampshire


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