Draw the ER diagram.

Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD)

Draw by hand or use CASE tool.

Gelatoni Manpower (GM) is an agent that place temporary IT professionals into companies. GM’s manager givesyou the following description of GM’s information system.

GM has a table of candidates storing IT professionals’ data. The company keeps track of candidate number, name (name includes first name, last name, and nickname), gender, date of birth and age.
GM also keeps the information of IT qualifications available in the industry, such as CCNA, PMP, ITIL, etc. Qualification ID, name, issuing body, and description.
A candidate must obtain at least one qualification, experienced candidates have multiple qualifications. Each qualification may not be obtained by any current candidates, but common qualifications like MCSE, are obtained by many candidates. For each qualification obtained by a candidate, issue date is recorded.
GM has a list of companies that request IT professionals for jobs. Company ID, name, and address are stored.
Some companies have one or more HR managers’ contact for easier communication, and some do not. Their name, email, and position are stored in the system. However, when GM is no longer working with a company, the contact information of the corresponding HR managers will be removed from the system also.
Each time a company opens a job, GM makes an entry containing job number, job title, start date, end date, job description, and requirements.
A company may post one video for introducing the company. A video can only be posted by one company. Title and URL are stored for a video entry.
A given job must be opened by only one company. Some companies may open no jobs at the moment while some other companies open multiple jobs.
A candidate may take many jobs while a job must be taken by many candidates. Every time a candidate has taken a job, a time sheet entry is created to keep track of hourly rate, work hours, and total pay, which can be calculated from the work hours and hourly rate. However, one time sheet entry belongs to one candidate and it is for one job only.
Given this information, draw the ER diagram. If you believe that you need to make additional assumptions, state them clearly.

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