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Use your active reading notes to write a response to R.U.R. Acts 1 & 2. Be sure to write or copy/paste your response directly in the text box for the blog, rather than uploading a file. Write at least one paragraph summarizing what you read as well as how the author uses each one of the narrative and dramatic elements discussed in the Drama video. Then write one paragraph on what this part of the play made you think, one paragraph on what it made you feel, and at least one paragraph on what it made you wonder. What do you expect to happen in the rest of the play? Do not look up other people’s interpretations or ideas ab ou t the play . The point of this blog is to learn to read and write critically. You can’t do that if you’re using other people’s ideas . There are no right or wrong answers as long as you provide clear examples from the reading to support your pointsCapek RUR Acts 1 and 2

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