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The topic must be contemporary. It is neither a history paper nor a biography. The paper must be on a domestic issue, no foreign relations, etc. The writing style must be a Position Paper. The point is that the paper is based on your research. The paper must include a “Work Cited” page (which is not part of the word/page count), not a Bibliography. Please be aware that “Wikipedia” and any foreign website are not an acceptable resource and MAY NOT be used as a source for your paper. WEB CITATIONS MUST INCLUDE THE “URL.”All citations are subject to verification by the instructor. Failure to include URL’s will result in a automatic reduction of points! WORD COUNT MUST BE ON FRONT PAGEMUST HAVE A “WORK CITED” PAGE NOT A BIBLIOGRAPHYMUST HAVE URL’s in all citations on Work Cited page (you may not merely cite “Web”MUST SHOW WHEN YOU ACCESSED ALL SOURCES.NO FOREIGN WEB SITES USED A SOURCES. (.uk, .ca, .au, .eu……etc.)NO SOURCES CITED THAT ARE MORE THAN FIVE (5) YEARS OLDNO ENCYCLOPEDIAS OR WIKIPEDIA CITED AS A SOURCE My Topic: Domestic issues -Jobs, my position on this issues is the imbalance between work and home life.

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