Do you believe the police service function is integral to policing?

Answer each question 150-200 words each. Use 3-5 references and use each references twice using intext citation. Use reference no older than 5 years . No wikibooks! No copy and pasting!!

1-2 Do you believe the police service function is integral to policing? Differentiate between police service function, order maintenance function, and law enforcement function. Should it continue to be supported by public funds?

2-1) Evaluate the effectiveness of various policing methods. Be sure to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the various methods.

3-2) Describe the difference between community policing and problem-oriented policing. What problems do you foresee when a police chief decides to implement either a formal problem-solving or a community policing strategy for his or her department and how would you overcome these issues?
4-1 Describe the role of the first responders at a crime scene. How may they affect the crime scene?

5-2) Describe the order of priority for actions at a crime scene. Explain the crime scene search techniques for digital evidence. For example, digital evidence (such as a Word document) is easy to alter. As the sheriff or chief of police, what steps would you take to protect the digital evidence seized by your police officers?

6-1) Regarding the 5th Amendment, if you had to choose one, which part of the Miranda Warning required for police officers to read would you choose to remove? What exception to the Miranda warning would you take away from police officers?

7-2) Define a proper Terry stop. What constraints are upon police officers when considering conducting a Terry stop? Even though the Supreme Court allows Terry stops, do you believe they are an invasion of privacy under the 4th Amendment?

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