Discussion: Shell Scenarios

In this discussion, begin by introducing yourself to the class and explain your background.

Go to the Shell Scenarios webpage. Once you have navigated to the site, watch the “Shell New Lens Scenarios” video (1:38) found on that page. (If you have trouble locating the video, it can also be found on YouTube.)

After watching the video, read the two scenarios, Mountains and Oceans, as well as pp. 22–24 in your textbook. (Mountains and Oceans is a PDF file found on the Shell Scenarios webpage.)

Then, in your initial post, consider the following:

Which of these scenarios do you think is most likely to occur? Defend your choice by analyzing it in the context of the deep historical forces outlined in the textbook.
How does Shell utilize business teams in this process?
What advice would you give Shell to prepare for its future to succeed in the face of likely governmental impacts?
In response to your peers, state whether you agree with their choice as the most likely scenario to occur and the advice that they have given to prepare Shell to succeed in the face of likely government impacts. Justify your critique of your peer’s scenario advice and support your justification with scholarly research cited in APA format.

Refer to the Discussion Rubric for directions on completing these discussions.


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