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After reading all the module content materials, answer the following: Chapter 5 of Farazmand (2002) discusses changes to public sector organizations and their structural configurations in government since the 1980s, which have caused many public service organizational configuration problems. To overcome these problems, Charles Wise proposes a design with several dimensions. Identify and briefly explain his key dimensions of organizational design. (150 words) In Chapter 6 of Farazmand (2002), Guy Peters discusses three theoretical models or approaches to organizational and government changes. Identify and briefly explain what these three models/approaches are. (150 words) Briefly explain what directions Wise and Peters are saying the country and the world have been moving in over the last 30-40 years: (a) more powerful bureaucracy, (b) anti-bureaucracy and market system, or (c) federalizing the government system? How? Give examples. (100 words) Roger Wettenhall discusses “the rhetoric and reality of public-private partnerships.” Explain what he means by this. (150 words) In addition, include at least one self-initiated question (guidelines for SIQs are in the syllabus) at the end of your response; then reply to at least one classmate’s question in 50 words.Modern Organizations Theory and Practice by Ali Farazmand (z-liborg) ContentServerasp

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