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Some search results may appear before others because of the use of Google Ads or possibly just some simple SEO, or search engine optimization. Google prioritizes which results appear based on the amount paid by a firm to have its company listed first (Google, 2020). A company first selects what goal they want to achieve, i.e. more website visits, more phone calls, etc. Then company targets a region or some sort of geographic location. Then the advertiser inputs their monthly budget. Each time a link is clicked that firm is charged and then deducted from the established monthly budget (Google, 2020). The more that you have left over on your budget for the month increases your likelihood of appearing on the Google returned search page. Google Ads can benefit a company by increasing their visibility to the community in which they choose to target. A well targeted advertisement can significantly increase your desired website traffic, phone calls, emails, etc. Along with AdWords, a firm may choose to use AdSense. AdSense allows others to capitalize on your advertising space within your own website. This is accomplished by you placing a piece of code on your site and google then running the ad while other use your site. Advertisers pay money for your ad space via google. The revenue generated from AdSense can be significant. For example if my Real Estate website had 50,000 visitors per month I could potentially earn over $13,000 in AdSense revenue (Google, 2020)! Unfortunately, all of this does raise concerns for some consumers who fear that Google, or maybe even Big Brother may be spying on them in order to better target ads. Consumers are able to adjust setting in their devices to reduce the amount of eaves dropping that a particular device does in order to better target you, but this must be done each and every time a new device is added. For example, on the iPhone you can disable the microphone completely, or choose what applications have access to the microphone. Alternatively, if you disable this, you may lose functionality of the “Hey, Siri” option. On Amazon’s Alexa products you can turn off the option for using “Improving Amazon Services to Develop New Features”. The modern-day human marvels that we are accustomed to today are made possible because it is God’s will! These things do not simply happen without His intervention. They happen because they are at some point part of His greater plan. God is all knowing. It is not for us to know what God knows. “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My way,” declares the LORD. “For the heavens are higher than the earch, so are My ways higher than you ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts” (Isaiah 55:8-9).

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