Discuss what you would need in order to continue in the field of helping.

Write a 2 page paper that lists the reasons why you want to work in human services, then rank your reasons in order of importance for yourself and then rank them from most selfish reasons to least selfish. Next, critically analyze your choice to pursue a Human Service degree.

·How long have you had this career choice? couple of years but i decided to go to the medical field, i am a medical assistant in a cancer center. always want to help people but i see how many of us are in the medical field and i want to help from the root of the problem, i want to help kids in poverty, homeless, teens with drug addiction etc, i want to be the hero without the cape in other words.

·What led you into this field? every time i see poverty how people that have feelings are aside, we all the same, we should have the same opportunity to success. and the ones that are not in the position to do because any reason we need to help them so they can live a decent life no matter what they did in the past

·What experience do you have in human services?, none! i been in the retail world as a store manager for 10 Years, then I decided to work in the medical field as a MA and now im starting my internship at the Metropolitan Ministers working with the homeless in the outreach department.

my goal is to be a social worker, or case manager.

Next, discuss what you would need in order to continue in the field of helping. Discuss what you will need from the human service profession, and from clients, in order to feel value.

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