Discuss critically and evaluate four positive and four negative ethical aspects of the company’s business practices.

Human Resource Management department of VOLKSWAGEN company

i.Student is required to select any ONE organization from the majoring of your studies and to get approval from the lecturer. Examples:

  • Business students -BBM (HRM) – Human Resource companies or industry.

ii. Briefly discuss on the history, product and services provided by the company that you have selected.

iii. Discuss critically and evaluate four positive and four negative ethical aspects of the company’s business practices. Make a research on some of the latest news items and activities about each company and its officers over the same time period pertaining to ethical business aspects.

iv. Analyze how “ethical” is the business practices of the company by applying at least 4relevant ethical theories such as utilitarianism, rights, justice, virtue ethics, ethics of care, and/or etc, in your discussion.

Based on VOLKSWAGEN company Human Resource management department, about 2000-2500 words.

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