Disability and Leave Services

The purpose of this research assignment is for you to demonstrate your knowledge of a process for assessing, initiating, and implementing the various workforce trends covered in this course, within your chosen industry/organization. After completion of the many readings, online discussions, to complete this Research Paper Assignment, please do the following:

Consider the below elements covered such as (REQUIRED)
What do you see as the possible future workplace trends for this industry and then specifically for the organization?
What do you see as possible future disruptions for the industry/organization?
Who are your biggest competitors in the industry and how will you maintain a sustainable competitive advantage? Choose 4 below elements:

Discuss the role of women in your organization’s management: Board of Directors, C- Suite and upper management positions. What percentages of the board and senior management are women? Is HRM in the C- suite?

The role of ADA and accessibility in your organization and the legal implications

Discuss the management of multiple generations, including engagement and retention within your organization and relationship to the gig economy and contingent workforce;

the application of AI and automation within your organization

Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability, Carbon Footprint and Climate Change
Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) of women, LGBTQ, religion, sexual harassment, race/gender, veterans in your organization.
What is your company/industry response to Black Lives Matter? Did your company specifically state “Black Lives Matter” why or why not?

Choose at least two of the above elements to formulate an innovative creative plan for either introducing a current or future workplace trend for enhancing/improving the current processes related to the element, within your chosen organization. For example: Introducing Health & Wellness Initiatives or Flex-Time working from home etc.

General requirements:
Demonstrate adherence to APA standards for a research document format with cover page, introduction, content, conclusion, references (at least 10).
Include additional references as needed to lend credibility to your paper.
The paper length should be a minimum of 9-10 content pages, however more content area as necessary to complete your report. Be sure to request clarification if you have questions.
Please cite all ideas and data not your own after each sentence (Lara, 2020). Plagiarism will result in a failing grade and possible disciplinary action including expulsion.

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