Dicussion Board Questions Communications

Two Short Dicussion Board Questions Communications

  • 1 Read the paragraphs about Tupperware on pages 109–110 in your textbook. Select your favorite or most relevant “leading question” from the top of page 110. Why is this question your favorite or most relevant? Provide a personal example.

2 RESPOND to this Students Response: (Misty) Question two.

I chose this question as I feel at some time in our careers we have worked with a person or group of people who are different from us.And now more then ever our work culture is becoming more and more diverse.

My past job I worked with a entre group of people who were different then me.When working with employees who are different then me the first strategy, I use is communication.Learning how to communicate with them is the first step to bridging the gap.

The next thing I did was listen to them and try to understand them.Listening to them help me gain their trust as they felt like I cared enough to listen and understand where they are coming from.

I also would not judge them.We all come from different backgrounds and all have different levels of knowledge.I did my best to make they feel comfortable and not try make them feel any less then me just because they didn’t know how to work let’s say a computer.

Another strategy I use in just about any situation is to treat people as in a way I would want to be treated.We all want to be treated equally and that’s what I was taught growing up.

If there is one thing, I would want to learn it would be a better understanding of cultures.We work in such a diverse culture and it changes constantly.We can base someone culture off what we hear, read or see but that may not be the actual definition of one’s culture.

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