Develop a storyboard for your health communication campaign.

Assignment Details: Have you ever seen a billboard stating the dangers of smoking? If so, what caught your attention? If you saw a public service announcement regarding prostate cancer awareness, what made you stop to watch the entire announcement?
Media billboards, video clips, and public service announcements are all forms of health communication that can be useful in reaching large target audiences. Although the main purpose of these forms of health communication is to deliver health information effectively, the creativity that goes into the making of these messages is what grasps your attention. When planning to develop a health communication campaign, anticipating how you might frame a health message or what types of images you might use may determine how effective your health communication campaign will be.
As a health educator, you may explore different methods and processes aimed at organizing the health information that you would like to include in your health communication campaign. One such process involves the use of storyboarding. Storyboarding is a process where a series of sketches, arranged in sequence on panels outline scenes that will make up something to be filmed such as a motion picture, advertisement, or television show. A storyboard can be considered a “blueprint” for how your health communication might look. In this way, the storyboard provides a mechanism to develop a layout of how health information, graphics, text, and design elements are constructed. Will you use certain background colors or graphics in your health communication campaign? Will the health information necessary for your health communication campaign be more effective if provided as text or would visual graphics be more appropriate? These types of questions and considerations are useful in developing and creating storyboards for health communication campaigns.
For this Discussion, review the Storyboarding article and Storyboarding Template provided in this week’s resources. Think of an idea that you might include in a storyboard for your health communication campaign (MY CAMPAIGN IS CHILDHOOD OBESITY) . Reflect on how you might organize this idea to develop a storyboard for your health communication campaign. This storyboard should focus on addressing a health risk for negative health behaviors associated with the health topic that you selected for your health communication campaign.

Post, a description of your storyboard idea and health risk pertaining to your selected health topic for your health communication campaign. Explain how you think your storyboard will be effective and why. Be specific and provide examples.

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