Develop a profile of an offender within a case scenario.

Assignment #1 Instructions

  1. In this assignment you will develop a criminal case scenario as well as the profile of the offender within this scenario.
  2. Your scenario should be approximately 5 pages in length and double-spaced. It should be written in Times New Roman 12 pt font, APA format.
  3. Use APA formatting(Links to an external site.) for the assignment.
  4. Using two-three of the following theories discussed in Chapter 2 and Chapter 3, develop a profile of an offender within a case scenario. Overall, you will incorporate aspects of the theories into the development of the offending behaviour. Also, please discuss how the theories you chose were linked into the development of your case at the end of the paper.
    • Hirschi’s Control Theories
    • Glueck and Glueck Research
      (Although this is not at theory, it links well with theory and risk factors.)
    • Eysenck’s Biosocial Theory of Crime
    • Sutherland’s Differential Association Theory
    • Andrews and Bonta’s Personal, Interpersonal, and Community Reinforcement Theory
    • Neurotransmistters and Crime
    • Lifehistory Theory, Risk taking, and Antisocial Behaviour
    • Psychopathy
  5. You will also incorporate key risk factors that you read about in Module 1 (journal article) into the case that relates to the offenders criminal behaviour.
  6. Consider how the area of genetics and temperament can be incorporated into the development of your case.
  7. In addition, incorporate a mental health disorder which is common to offenders in the justice system and speak to the research as to how it is linked with offending. Ensure that you are doing additional research in this area as per the rubric.

You will have a lot of freedom of creativity when making up an offender profile, and crime he committed. Just please ensure all of these areas are implemented.

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