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Watch the following video located here: The paper will consist of 5 sections, each 2 pages long, for a total of 10 pages. The font must be Times New Roman, 12 point, single spaced with normal margins. You’ll be looking at four different design and construction areas: Scenic, Costumes, Props, and Lighting, and one section that looks at all of them in combination. For each of these sections you will need to answer a series of questions, each listed below. Scenery: What location is this? Don’t just tell me the year, look on line and find examples of buildings and construction from the period. This is meant to be a particular location. What is it? Research and find an example of a theatrical turntable similar to or the same as the turntable used in the show. What purpose does it serve in the show? How is it meant to help tell the story? Costumes: Are the costumes accurate for the time period? Are they more elegant or more plain? Why would there be a difference between what was actually worn at the time and what was worn on stage? Color plays an important role in costumes and the male characters change their costumes with some frequency. What is the significance of color in their costumes? Props: Find examples online of props that are appropriate for the period of this show and compare them to what is seen onstage. Are they accurate? Too fancy, too simple? Is the material used the most common at the time? What efforts did the show need to go to in order to make the props safe on stage? What protections would need to be put into place for objects made of glass or sharp metal or firearms or fire? How would a prop master protect the cast from danger? Lighting: Lighting can tell us about time and location. Pick five different moments in the show and try to figure out how the lighting tells you where the characters are. Lighting can also give us a sense of the character’s inner monologue. Identify a few places where this takes place. Overall: Given all of the technical pieces that put together this show, does it work? Do the costumes work in the light provided? Does the color of the set make the props vanish? What works and more importantly, what doesn’t? I cannot stress this enough. Please write 2 pages for each section. I do not want a cover page and i do not want a refference page. i dont want pullet points either. just paragraphs. your simply just watching the video and and answering the questions in full 2 page answers. These videos and text are only for you to see what kind of class this is and what kind of assingment this is. you are not using this for refferenses and you are not writing the essay based on those videos. the purpose of these videos are only for your general knowledge. the only video your writing about is the musical on the very top. You’ll need a password to view it. The password is DRAMA115STUDENT

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