Describe the agency or organization that led the community health assessment and plans for improvement.

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collaboration Cafe: Assessment as a Foundation for Community Health Improvement
To prepare for this week’s Collaboration Café, investigate a community health improvement initiative in a community of your choice. You might consider community health assessment and improvement led by a non-profit healthcare system, or by a public health department.

Note – to investigate a particular initiative, consider contacting a local health department or healthcare system. Many health departments and healthcare systems publish community health assessment findings and plans for improvement online, making information readily available for you to review.

Select one initiative, review the information about the assessment, plans for improvement, and intended outcomes. Respond to the following:

Describe the agency or organization that led the community health assessment and plans for improvement.
Explain the impetus for the initiative, such as public health accreditation, ACA community benefit requirement, or another rationale.
Provide a synopsis of the following:
Key assessment findings
Plans for community health improvement
Intended impact or outcomes of the initiative
How do you think the assessment findings shaped or directed the improvement plans that were established?


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