Describe how you will implement your programme.

Consultancy Change at Nokia

2000 words report on consultancy change in an organisation (analyse main issue in organisation, define a tool to fix the issue, implement the change)

You have been asked as a consultant to intervene in an organisation in order to develop a programme that deals with ‘creativity’, your task is to design a programme that contribute to fostering a culture that promotes creativity in an organisation.

You may choose any organisation to write down your answer. For instance, this can be a small or large organisation, located in a small town or large global capital, government institution, etc.

In order to help with your answer, consider the following:

  1. Analyse/diagnose the main issues associated with Failure
  2. Design a plan and strategies for changing and creating conditions for overcoming fear of failure (think of ethical consequences here as part of your design).
  3. Describe how you will implement your programme.

It is important, as a consultant, when you construct your analysis, plan and implementation strategies that you focus on one organisation that can help you in the design and creation of your programme. The above suggestions are not intended to limit your own creativity and you may decide to take a completely different route to address this issue (such as focus on a particular community or region of the world).

The assignment requires drawing on theories or models and ethical (consultancy) aspects discussed in the lectures, workshops and the academic literature on change, creativity, innovation and leadership. Focus on making links between concepts and practice. Equally, you are encouraged to explore alternative sources that can enhance your answer from other fields.

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