Database systems – NORMALIZATION Assignment | Online Assignment

Hello, I am seeking assistance for my assignment. I have been struggling with this class and could really use some help. I have included instructions below along with the attachment. Assignment Overview This assignment consists of two parts. Part A requires you demonstrate the normalization process by first discussing the first, second, and third normal form, then drawing a dependency diagram among the attributes. Part B requires you to create three tables, populate data into these tables, and write queries. Part B of the assignment gives you hands-on experience on writing Oracle SQL statements. Use the following as references when you work on the assignments. SQL Exercise: Write SQL commands to create and modify the structure of a table. Query Exercise: Write SQL commands to query from one and more than one table. Normal Form Conversion Exercise: Draw functional dependencies diagrams and convert into a set of tables to satisfy the third normal form. Assignment Download the Module 3 Assignment worksheet and answer the questions in the downloaded document.

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