Data analystic and visualization

Individual Assignment 2

  • Read and refer to current developments in the Data Analytics and Business Analytics areas. Specifically, you will research the development in “R” and “Python” programming and Tableau software used in data analytics and data visualization area of information technology. Write a report explaining how these three technologies are used in data science. In your report you should also provide other examples of data visualization software (vendors, name of the software and pertaining details) in addition to the Tableau. The report should be at least 4 pages long, excluding table of contents, figures, tables, references. When you write make sure to include examples of where these technologies are used in business problem solving and decision making. You can contact me for any questions or difficulties you encounter in completing this assignment.
  • Data Science is a very dynamic field at present and there are several business implications of this field. Do not use and “fluff” or text materials that are generic – i.e. each statement should reveal specific information about how data science is playing a major role in business decisions.
  • The grading process will be competitive (i.e. I will compare your response with other students’ responses) and based on the quality of the contents and how the contents are presented including the spellings and grammar.
  • Save your work with a file name IA2_”Last four digits of your student ID”. Cite all the references used in completing this assignment.






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