Current Perspectives in Psychology

the module shall
be failed as a result of no submission of the summative assessment.
Academic misconduct including plagiarism
Written coursework will be submitted on VLE, through an on-line plagiarism-detection
service called Turnitin. Turnitin matches the text of what you submit with the information
held in its databases (including journal articles and previous submissions by other students),
and the web. You will have the opportunity to use Turnitin to improve your work. To do this,
submit your work well in advance of the deadline, and Turnitin will give you a report of any
matches it has found with other sources. You can use this information to re-write those
sections in your own words. Leave yourself plenty of time to do this before the final deadline.
Be aware that Turnitin is not part of LJMU but a separate company that provides this service
to many universities, and if it is busy you may have a short delay before receiving the
originality report.
Turnitin will also give you a percentage similarity score. Tutors are often asked ‘what
Turnitin percentage is OK’? This is an impossible question to answer, because the percentage
depends on too many factors. Depending on how the assignment is set up and how you have
structured your file, a high percentage could be ‘OK’, because it is only picking up on
legitimate similarities with other sources, such as the marksheet, the reference list, or direct
quotations. Conversely, a very low percentage might be ‘not OK’ because it is picking up on
a small section that has been cut and pasted from the Abstract of a journal article. This is
plagiarism, and it is unacceptable even when it only makes up a small percentage of the total.
So, tutors will never just look at the raw percentage when they are marking your work, they
will look at WHAT is similar in the full originality report.
By submitting your work you acknowledge that you have read and agree with the
above statements.
General Guidance
Your assignment should be word processed (handwritten assignments are not accepted), using
Times new roman size 12 font, double spaced, with numbered pages and your student number
printed as a footer on every page.
The word limits stated for this assignment excludes the reference list at the end of the assignment
but includes all text in the main body of the assignment (including direct quotations, in-text
citations, tables). Tables and figures should not be included within your text but separately as an
Please be aware that exceeding the word count limit will affect the academic judgement of the
piece of work and may result in the award of a lower mark.
Appendices are not considered a supplement, and thus, will not be assessed as part of the content
of the assignment. As such, they will not contribute to the grade awarded; however it may be
appropriate to use an Appendices section for any material which is a useful reference for the
reader. Please note that appendices are not included in the word count.
The majority of references should come from primary sources (e.g., journal articles, conference
papers, reports, etc.) although you can also utilise area specific textbooks. You must ensure that
you use the APA style of referencing.
Please indicate the word count length at the end of your assignment.
Marking and assessment
The final summative assessment requires the creation of a Portfolio. The assignment submission
will be graded out of 100%. Please note that the essay assessment will contribute to the 40% of
your overall module grade.
Learning outcomes assessed in this assessment

· Present psychological theorizing and research in a concise and professional
Assessment Guidelines
Write an essay on a contemporary theory or model on changing behaviour.
You should define the behaviour your essay focuses on, e.g. reducing crime,
improving health at work, increasing healthy eating, reducing screen time etc and then
consider the extent to which the theory or model relates to this.
This assessment is an essay assignment which means that we are looking for you to
develop an argument and support it with reference to appropriate academic literature.
Therefore, it is essential that your points must be supported with credible sources,
derived from primary sources (i.e.: peer reviewed journal articles).
Structure of Presentation Commentary

Title of Section Criteria Marks
Cover page · Assignment topic and personal details
Introduction · Sets the scene of the topic
· ‘Signpost’ the reader to the overall shape of the portfolio
· Clear definition and explanation of relevant terms / main
discussion points /20
Discussion · Detailed description and understanding of key
psychological theories and/or constructs
· Critical assessment and synthesis of relevant
psychological literature
· Evidence of wider reading around the topic to support
discussion with a balance of seminal and contemporary
reference sources
· Clear focus on answering the question
· A coherent structure to the essay, presenting a concise
argument supported by examples from relevant
psychological literature /50
Conclusion · Ability to draw main points of discussion together
· Linkage of conclusions to assignment title /20
Presentation &
Referencing · Correct use of grammar, punctuation and spelling
· Appropriate writing style (use of “third” person)
· The majority of references are from academic journals
and primary sources
· References reported accurately in essay text
· References reported accurately in attached ‘References’
section /10
Marking Criteria

Fail 3rd 2.2 2:1 1st
Content Fails to address
the topic or to
answer the
question. Fails to address
the topic or to
answer the
produces material
which is only
partly relevant, or
produces relevant
material. Presents relevant
material but fails
to use it to fully
address the
central issues or
answer the
question. Clearly
addresses the
topic or
answers the
question. Addresses the topic in a
thorough, explicit and
relevant manner.
Structure Lacks an
general structure
and fails
repeatedly to
relate statements
to each other. Lacks an
general structure
and has
statements that
are often difficult
to recognise. Has an
appropriate but
rather loose
structure, and
statements that
are sometimes
hard to follow. Has an
adhered to for
the most part
that are
generally easy
to follow. Has an easily identifiable
appropriate global structure
and relationships between
statements that are very
easy to recognise.
Evaluation Contains no
evaluation of the
presented. Includes implicit
evaluation of the
relevance of the
presented. Provides little
explicit evaluation
of the material
presented. Provides an
evaluation of
the material
presented. Provides an exhaustive,
explicit, and critical
evaluation of the material
Line of
Argument Lacks a line of
argument. No coherent line
of argument. Weak line of
drives the
argument rather
than the other
way round). Coherent line
of argument
(information is
used in
support of the
rather than to
drive it
forward). Convincing, coherent and
evolving line of argument.
Range and use
of Evidence Minimal or no
consideration of
the literature and
Consistently fails
to use evidence
to support claims
that are made. Basic
consideration of
the literature and
but restricted to
Makes poor use
of evidence to
support claims
that are made. Sufficient
consideration of
the literature and
but little
Tendency to
claims. Good
of the
literature and
that develops
claims in the
argument by
reference to
literature. Thorough and independent
use of the literature and
evidence-base. Gives wide
ranging and appropriate
evidential support for claims
that are made.

Communication Standard of
writing tends to
be weak. The
expression is
confused, and/or
there are
numerous errors
Narration is
and/or vague. Standard of
writing is
acceptable. The
expression is
reasonable, but
there are some
areas of confusion
and/or some
errors in
Narration is
satisfactory. The standard of
writing is
reasonable and
there are very
few areas of
confusion and/or
errors in
Narration is
coherent and
accurate. The standard
of writing is
clear and
Narration is
fluent and
precise. The standard of writing is
very clear and readable, with
some sophisticated phrasing.
Narration is persuasive and
(Reference list
and in-text
citation) Fails to use a
system. Presents a
strategy, but
which does not
conform to the
key principles of
APA style. Meets key
principles of APA
style, but with
extensive errors. Meets key
principles of
APA style, but
contains some
errors. Meets key principles of APA
style, with no errors or only
minor occasional errors.

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