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Critique Assignment-Descriptive Paragraph Grading and Evaluation- Worth 100 pts Grammar and Spelling – 8 Points (points deducted if there are more than 8 errors) Content——————— 60 Points (points deducted for inadequate description of the artwork) Visual Elements, design— 32 Points (points deducted for inappropriate or incorrect use of art terms) principles, and art terms For this assignment, you will write a descriptive paragraph on an artwork that is not in your textbook. (The image is below.) When writing the paragraph, you should use as many of the visual elements, design principles, and art terms that are applicable. The assignment should be typed essay format and posted via Blackboard to the discussion tab in the course. The guidelines of what should be included in the paragraph are listed below. HER SECRET IS PATIENCE, PHOENIX, AZ, 2009*** this is the artwork the essay is about Describing a Work of Art (FROM: When we describe something, we want to give the reader/listener a good idea of what it looks like. When we describe a work of art, we also want to describe its style or theme and the mood that it portrays, as well as express your opinion. 1) Introduce the work of art. Include its name and the date it was created. ………..was painted/made by …………. in ………….. The type of work of art: sculpture, drawing, oil, painting; sketch, portrait, watercolor, landscape, still life… The materials: oil (on wood/ on canvas), watercolor, charcoal, ink, clay, wood, plastic, marble, stone, granite, iron, steel, copper, bronze… It’s made of/on…. Talk about lines, tone, texture, shape, movement, scale contrast, color. (Only if applicable to work. Not all visual elements and design principles should be discussed.) It shows ……… Its /their shape/(s) is/are simple/flat/curved/ bright/ straight… Its colors are bright/cheerful/dull/saturated/explosive… Its visual texture is rough/smooth/soft/sandy/curved… 2) Describe the style and discuss the theme. Is it a spiritual, community, or gender related work? Review Unit 4. All works of art will follow one of the listed these in Unit 4 from your textbook. Its style is shiny/modern/traditional/abstract/naturalistic… The painting/sculpture is representational/naturalistic/abstract/etc. 3) What is where? In the foreground/background you can see … In the foreground/background there is … In the middle/center there are … At the top/At the bottom there is … On the left/right there are … Behind/In front of … you can see … Between … there is … 3) Who is doing what? If the work is nonobjective/abstract this may not apply. Here you describe the persons in the work of art, or you say what is happening just now. Use the Present Continuous 4) What I think about the picture. In this portion, there should be a correlation between your thoughts/opinions and the visual elements design principles, plus factual information about artist, artist’s work, style/way the artist works. The correlation gives you validity. (Information can be gathered through research but give the source credit.) It seems as if … The lady seems to … Maybe … It makes me think of …

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