Critical Reflection research paper

In this research paper students will develop a research question related to one of the topics addressed in SOWK 102. Once they have identified a topic, students will formulate a research question that will help them understand their chosen topic in more depth. Students will then find three academic resources that have “something to say” about their research question. Students are required to analyze these articles and critically reflect upon how the content of these articles relate to their research question. Finally, students will apply their learning to a specific example from either their personal lives or their field placement experiences In completing this assignment students will be able to demonstrate: • An ability to develop and articulate a clear research question. • An understanding of the process involved in researching relevant academic sources. • An ability to use proper APA format and protocol. • An ability to determine the relevance of current research to their specific research question. • An ability to apply research findings from the literature to their work with people who use social services. the research question that I formulated is: Are there some ethical guidelines that are more important than others when working with high risk youth? we have not done any field placement, so I wanted it needs to be in relation of my personal life, which is a high risk worker for a lot of years

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