Criminology assignment essay

The research proposal need help with this restructure of the viable sources and new sources. the project needs to be restructured fully with additional resources and about a page to add. The requirements which the paper should be edited according to:
Review the rubric and consider what you can do to raise your score to the next level. This is also the time to edit for clarity and organization, adapting the required format to meet your personal writing style. All parts should be in your paper and the organization (IMRAD) may not vary from one student to another (see the suggested outline). A media analysis, with a clear description of methods and discussion of data collected, is expected. Citations to the methods text are expected here. The literature review should include references to social construction research (the books assigned for class) and the methods used to study crime in the media. In short, citations to books and articles read for this class are expected. Additional library research is also required to connect your results to previous research. example in the link. It also needs to be rephrased but I have already put it through Resoomer and did it – I will send the file to make your work easier. It may seem long for pages, but it is quite easy 🙂


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