Covid-19 and Sociological Devience

For this essay, you must consider the material in Chapter 7, on Deviance and Social Control. After reading through the different perspectives on deviance, think about your own experience thus far during the COVID-19 pandemic. Think about social deviance (norm violations) in terms of what normative expectations of behaviors (those that are rewarded and punished by others in society) have changed. Discuss the behaviors you shave seen people engage in or have engaged in you-self over the past few weeks. Try to focus on a norm or set of behaviors, i.e. shopping, prepping, hygiene and sanitation, social media behavior, etc. etc. Or, focus on the macro level social control mechanisms taking place as we are all asked (for our own health) to engage in new norms like “social distancing”, “flattening the curve”, and new forms of digital social solidarity. How have norms changed? What norms? For how long? Will things be different even after the pandemic? Try to ask yourself how the large-scale structural changes will impact behavioral norms of individuals, before, during, and after this crisis. Whatever your focus, your goal is to introduce us to a norm/set of behaviors during the pandemic, give a few examples, introduce a sociological perspective on social deviance (i.e. labeling, conflict theory, control theory, strain theory, differential association theory, opportunity theory, class dominant theory, structural contradiction theory, etc.), then apply this theory to help explain some normative phenomena (behaviors, norm change, both). This paper should include:Short introduction to topic/phenomena Explanation of norms/behaviors Introduction to chosen perspective(s) on devianceApplication of perspective to topic/phenomenaShort conclusion

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