Country Paper: Iceland

Country Study Papers should be about at a minimum 6 single spaced pages not including pictures, cover page, or bibliography. It must use 1″ margins and a font no larger that 12 pts. Be sure to put a title at the top of the page. A cover page is not necessary. Pictures and maps are nice but do not count toward page totals. Failure to adhere to these instructions will result in a lowered grade. Your paper should present to a reader: *political culture of the country including any discussion of distribution of ideologies *voting and electoral practices including results of last election *structure of legislative branch *power and responsibility of chief executive and head of state * courts and judicial review. *political evolution: how the country came to be (or is coming to be) democratic. This may not be applicable for some countries. *current policy or political issues and how the above structures influence their solution.. Remember, I am looking for a lengthy, detailed study. !!!!The country this paper is on will be Iceland!!!!!!

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