Core Life Skill Strategies and Techniques

Periodically Royal Oman Police issue a static of the violations accrued in the roads. Many drivers are not complying with the Road and Safety Regulations, although ROP had placed many warning signs or distribute it among people, and that leads to unfortunate consequences.

Utilize your skills to provide 3 innovative solutions to the problem.

1. Critically analyse the problem.

2. The problem solving process must include:

– Define the problem

– Explore and analyze the problem

– Generate potential solutions

– Select and plan the solution

– Implement the solution

– Evaluate the solution

3. Develop alternate solutions to deal with the issue of road accidents

– At least 3 alternatives

– include the description, what does it involve and who will be involved, target audience, how to implement and time frame for implementation?

4. Use creative thinking to design the solution.

5. Effectively used written communication skills to present the solution.

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