controversial​ essay about marijuana

write a 1800-2100 word a controversial essay about marijuana. Avoid the overused topics about marijuana such as ” marijuana should be legal or illegal” chose something shocking such as should marijuana be taxed?, is marijuana good for your body, using it for medical stuff, something about schizophrenia by using it in younger age ext. The professor wants something fascinating about it. you could be pro or con I dont mind.

Complete an APA style bibliography with 20 sources.

Complete a detailed outline of the essay. ( if you could send me the out line earlier it would be much better)

trying making it interesting because i presenting the same topic in 8-10 min.

—-Outlining a Formal Argument Essay

Major Claim (Thesis): __________________________________



Reason 1: ________________________

What kind of evidence is necessary to prove this reason?


Reason 2

Reason 3


Reason Why some think I’m wrong.

Reason why they are, in fact, wrong.


once you finished the outline please send it right away!

before I forget, this is the rubric you can follow.

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