Contract law

Marcello is an olive grower. He lives a significant distance from his grove and spends four days a week on his block and the balance of the week at home. His neighbours are also olive farmers, but they live full time on their respective groves. Only days before harvest Marcello is struck down with a virus that renders him unable to work on his farm. To add to this, the weather bureau has predicted a minor cyclone will pass through the olive groves. Faced with this warning and concerned for the losses that Marcello’s trees might sustain, his neighbours decide to use their machinery to harvest Marcello’s olives, as well as their own. They are not aware of Marcello’s illness but are surprised by his absence. The harvest costs on Marcello’s property amount to $3500. Is Marcello obliged to pay these costs?

Assessment criteria • Demonstrates a capacity to identify legal issues from a set of facts • Demonstrates knowledge and understanding of substantive areas of law including contract, agency and property law • Shows an ability state legal principles supported by appropriate legal authority • Demonstrates a capacity to apply legal principles to the facts of a case study. • shows a sophisticated understanding of the key issues • demonstrates a capacity to explain and apply relevant concepts • justifies any conclusions reached with well-formed arguments not merely assertion • provides a conclusion or summary • complies with normal academic standards of legibility, referencing and bibliographical details (including reference list). • is written clearly with accurate spelling, grammar and sentence and paragraph construction • appropriate citation and referencing used (using Australian Legal Citation Guide) question 2: contract law minors q3: contract law condition& warranty question 4 agency answer form: Issue: the question Rule: what law Application: rulbcqes to fact Conclusion: answer the question

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