conntributors to high health care costs and how they contribute

Question 1 Please make this a minimum of 150 words and use a scholarly reference

1. Please list four conntributors to high health care costs and how they contribute. (things other than government,etc) could be things like aging, disease, malpractice, etc

Question 2 is a reply on if you agree or disagree and is 150 words and scholarly reference

2.“The majority of health care and health service professionals (5.98 million) work in ambulatory health service settings, such as the offices of physicians, dentists, and other health practitioners, medical and diagnostic laboratories, and home health care service locations” (Shi & Singh, 2019). Those working in these aspects of the health care system make the majority therefore making them the major players. The positive effects this might have is ensuring that there is room for many providers and health care workers, and it is not just ran by one company or one entity. I believe that the most relevant negative effect could be the outrageous costs associated with health care services. Having so many providers and health care workers means that the cost will continue to skyrise here in the US.

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