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Exercise – Module 9: Use 12 Times New Roman; spacing should be 1.5; default, normal margins. Deductions will be made for egregious grammatical errors. Blackboard SafeAssign is used to check for plagiarism. Q.1 (Three Pages) Imagine you are managing a large and complex data analytics project for a pharmaceutical company. There are nearly 40 people in total working on the project plus management stakeholders. Models have been developed and are now ready for evaluation. This is the third iteration of model development and evaluation. During each evaluation managers bicker over the results; each most concerned about his/her own department’s needs. You definitely feel like you’re ‘flying behind the plane’ (Berkun). Reflecting on chapters 14 and 15 (Middle-game and End-game Strategies) you conceive of a way in which using data and analytics could be used to manage the expectations of the managers. If not this project, maybe the next one. Describe what this might look like; the data, the processes, the output, and the expected result. Q.2 ( one page) How could data science help to better manage data science projects? For instance, could it help determine the framework or processes used in the project? Resources: (Feel free to use other resources as well) 1- Chapters 14 and 15 in Making Things Happen 2- 3- 4- 5- 6-

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