Computer Game Addiction

In the time since videogames were first invented, the idea first came to be as something fun for people to do to kill time or as a stress reliever. However, nowadays people have managed to abuse this form of entertainment like they end up abusing everything else. Videogame addiction is not widely known and does not usually have a specific treatment in mind, there are many things that factor into this type of addiction in order for people to get better. Just like all modern technology the idea of videogames started out innocently enough and has since become an under recognized addiction as they are often excessively used without realization. The innate need of having to get online and play with friends or strangers has become so ingrained in users that socialization has gone down the drain. Due to this fact, videogames have slowly become one of the worst addictions seen today.

A young person’s perspective on video games addiction shows how serious of a condition this is because of how aware of the situation they are. It is important to this addiction seriously because the people that are at risk like these young people have different kinds of perspective when it comes to video games, not every person will be affected the same way. The correlation between personality and the effects of computer game addiction is useful because it shows how the addiction would possibly affect a certain personality. The game playing is a form of internet usage and abuse which gets linked to personality disorders. For example, people would say that children diagnosed with ADHD use video game addiction as a means of “self-medicating” Because of these issues some countries have already opened up treatment centers for video game addiction.

Video games addiction could also be somewhat resistant towards treatment because of its constant utilization. However, the solution is to regulate video game usage. Limiting playing time at an early age can be a useful tool in prevention. Establishing a routine and setting aside time for assignments or work can also help with structure. As for an adult battling an addiction it takes a lot of structure and willpower to get away from the games. Adults use this as a means to destress from their daily lives. This might be useful to their mental health but can also be damaging if not regulated. Technology has created video games that keeps our mind distracted even when we the person is not playing. With early identification and awareness treatment for this addiction is quite possible.

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