Comparing and Contrasting two works of art

Be sure to read the PDF and watch the video provided before this exercise

comparing and contrasting two works of art to find their similarities and difference)

provide an analysis of these artworks AND answer the questions that follow:

Monet, “Boulevard des Capucines, Paris” (1873-4, French Impressionism, oil on canvas)



Monet, boulevade des capucines
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Unknown photographer, “Boulevard des Capucines, Paris” (ca. 1880s, photograph)

circa 1880: The Cafe de la Paix and the Boulevard des Capucines, Paris in the 1880s. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)


blvd photo

Which of these do you think best captures the feeling of modern day city life on the streets of Paris? Why is this? What specific formal features express these feelings of modernity?
How is this affected by the different choice of medium: oil on canvas versus photography?
If you were alive at this time ad identified yourself as a Realist, which of these two images would you prefer and why?


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