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Write a 6 page, double-spaced compare and contrast essay that investigates how two artworks from two different period styles that share a common theme in art. (This theme is your thesis statement.) For example, a common theme could be showing the power of a ruler or providing a connection to the gods. So your thesis statement could be, “These two artworks showed the power of the rulers who used them.” The artworks you chose MUST correlate with the time, cultures, and period styles covered in this course. You cannot choose artworks that are outside of the periods and regions covered in this class. Your paper must include the following components Below is an outline of the sections that should be included in your research paper. The introduction and conclusion should each be a paragraph in length. The bulk of your paper should be an analysis of the artworks. Introduction paragraph introducing your thesis statement (the shared common theme) and the two artworks you are analyzing – include artist (if known), names of the artworks, medium, and period styles. A visual analysis of EACH of your two artworks. Describe each artwork, making connections to period styles and stylistic characteristics. A cultural analysis of EACH of your two artworks. Discuss how the artworks reflect the culture/time period/artist(s) who create the artworks Comparative discussion (to compare is to discuss how the artworks are similar, and to contrast is to discuss how the artworks are different). Important: This is where you should reinforce the similarities of your two artworks. Show that the two artworks you selected support your thesis statement. It is okay to repeat or summarize material you’ve already discussed in the visual and cultural analysis, as long as it supports your thesis statement. Conclusion (summarize your argument and paper). Works Cited Page: a separate page of sources in MLA or Chicago style formatting (use at least 3 sources). Note: The Works Cited Page is the 7th page of the research paper. It is not included in the 6-page length requirement. Formatting: follow either MLA or Chicago-style formatting. Include on the first page your name, class title & section, and date in the upper left corner. The paper should have 1 inch margins and use a normal, 12-point font. Academic Sources You must use at least 3 sources – but feel free to use more! Your research focus depends on which two artworks you pick and your thesis statement (the common theme your two structures share). Your research MUST BE academic – so NO BLOGS or WIKIPEDIA! Avoid any website that ends in “.com.” Look for websites that end in “.edu” or “.org.” Your grade will be marked down if you use non-academic sources. Below are some suggestions for academic sources:

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