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You have read the essays “Why I Write” by Joan Didion, “Life in a New Language” by Eva Hoffman, and “Basmati Rice: An Essay about Words” by Audrey Thomas. Choose two of these three essays in which to describe how writing is seen as a form of invention, and then explain the similarities and differences. Make sure to provide adequate support for your interpretation. • Computer-type your essay in 12-point, double space, and give the word count at the end. There is a penalty of two points off if the word count is missing or is significantly inaccurate. • Please select two corrections or revisions to include in your Personal Commentary assignment, due later in the term. Give your original version, your revised or corrected version, and a short explanation. More details will follow. • • • • • • • • • • Assignment #1 will be evaluated as follows: Content 30% • Your content is thoughtful, relevant, accurate, and complete. • Your thesis statement is well supported. • You have correctly documented borrowed information. Organization 30% • Good organization and sequencing make your essay easy to read. • The introduction, body, and ending of your essay are effective. Language use 30% • You have used your own wording. • Sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, spelling, and vocabulary are correct. • Your level of language and tone are appropriate. Handling 10% • A professional or original style adds to the interest and value of your essay.Why I Write-Joan Didion Life in a new language

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