Cloud Adoption Framework

Read Wikipedia’s Cloud computing
Watch the video: Costing the Cloud

Read’s “An Overview of the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework”

Do ( create a word document using Times New Roman, 12 pt. font )

In your own words, describe your understanding of cloud computing.

In the context of business information technology systems, what does the acronym TCO stand for?

In your own words, describe your understanding of TCO (1 paragraph).

From the video, pick one “intangible” that resonates with you and write a “longish” paragraph (4-6 sentences) explaining why this is a potential issue for companies migrating their IT operations to the cloud.

Which of the 6 AWS CAF Focus areas appeals to you most?–describe the focus area in your words (1 longish paragraph 4 -6 sentences )

Explain why you chose this focus area (1 longish paragraph 4 – 6 sentences ):

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