Chris Cobb’s career with Vera Bradley

Click on the following link, and watch the video:…

After learning about Chris Cobb’s career with Vera Bradley, discuss the following:

Begin your discussion by stating Mr. Cobb’s full name & his position at the time of the video (i.e. – what’s his title at Vera Wang).
List some of the “highlights” of Mr. Cobb’s journey throughout his career.
What does Chris mean when he says, “Accounting is the language of business”? Do you agree with him?
Explain the differences in a career with a small accounting firm or with a single company, versus working for one of the Big 4 firms. Which do you think you would prefer, and why?
Did anything Mr. Cobb discussed in this video regarding an accounting career surprise you?
What was the most beneficial information you learned from watching this video?
Your reply must be a minimum of 3 complete paragraphs Please carefully proofread




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