Child guidance project presented at a professional conference

When submitting your original contribution, you should also include a summary of the project. Describe the logistics of the plan (when, where, how, for whom it was designed, etc.) Also describe why you chose this particular project and how it is connected to your ACE coursework.

The original contribution, an open-ended project, demonstrates your ability to create a unique product to support your field of study. No pre-approval is required.

Your planning should be original for you. Though it may contain 25% of a previously completed course assignment, the product should exhibit significant expansion of the initial idea.


Submit an article for publication in a professional, peer-reviewed journal.
Contribute to a professional newsletter, and post to a professional website.
Conduct a professional development training session for your school/city/professional organization (documented with agenda/PowerPoint/evaluations as all three are required).
Present at a professional conference.
Create a professional multimedia presentation and share your work through an online platform or comparable form of communication/media.
Create your own blog or webpage to post your contribution (your name must be posted as the author).
its the child guidance course

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