Child Disorder (Psychology)


After reading the case study on Anna (Chapter 3 in the Kearney textbook), please answer ALL associated discussion questions in a substantive and thoughtful manner. Should be written in a word document, adhere to APA format, and be approximately 2-3 pages in length (Times New Roman,12, double-spaced; excluding title and reference pages).

Please respond to each of the questions below:

1. Do you believe depression truly exists in preschoolers and school-age children? Defend your answer. What symptoms do you feel are most indicative of depression at different ages? (10 points)

2. Why do you think more girls than boys display depression? Be sure to explore issues of socialization. Do you think women report being depressed more than men? If so, why might this be the case? (10 points)

3. What questions would you most want to ask someone who seems depressed? How would you go about discovering whether the person is thinking about suicide and what would you do with this information? (10 points)

4. Everyone gets depressed at one time or another. What life events cause you to feel sad or “down in the dumps”? What separates “normal” depression from “abnormal” depression? Was Anna’s depression normal or abnormal? Why do you think so? (10 points)

5. What are the major ethical issues involved in giving medication to children or adolescents with depression? Given that depression is often a warning sign that something is wrong, explore how medication might prevent one from solving serious life problems. (10 points)

NB: I will attach the pictures of the case study after.


I will attach assignment 2. It is called ReMOVED Paper assignment. please check the word document attached

You are to watch two videos and also include references from the textbook for some questions which I will also attach after. Below are the links.

1.part 1

The name of the textbook is Disorders of Childhood- Development and Psychopathology. Third Edition by Hornik Parritz and Michael F. Troy


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