Charging for Plastic Bag in the state of Nevada


Purpose: This assignment will allow you compose MLA citations for each of your sources and practice summarizing and evaluating source material. Assignment Overview: Each annotation will include: 1) A full citation, in MLA format, for each source, followed by 2) A summary of the source’s main ideas, and 3) An analysis of the source’s audience/purpose and the author’s use of rhetorical appeals (ethos, logos, pathos) Criteria: Include a minimum of 5 sources Each annotation should be at least ½ a double-spaced page Annotation summaries must be in your own words—any annotations found to be plagiarized will receive a 0 Entire document should be in 12-point Times New Roman font, double-spaced Any citation found to have plagiarized material will receive a 0.

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Annotated Bibliography.Charging for Plastic Bag in the state of Nevada

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