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Writing Style Requirements All written assignments must be in term paper format. Assignments will be graded based on the extent to which you answer the assigned questions, the quality/thoroughness of the overall analysis, and adherence to the APA and other style requirements outlined below. Written assignments must have an introduction and a conclusion paragraph. Note that these paragraphs must be separate from the body of the paper in which you answer assigned questions. Use a 12-point font and have one-inch margins. Papers must be typed with double spaces. You absolutely must include a list of references at the end of the paper. Use the APA style. For example references, please refer to the APA style tutorial available at Please remember to use page numbers and put your name on the first page of each assignment. The purpose of this assignment is to apply the tools of external analysis to an industry. First, you will choose an industry in which there are publicly traded companies. To identify a publicly traded firm, use the search link “SEC EDGAR Database” which is available from the link to online resources within the Module Activities folder. Next, choose a specific industry segment for your analysis in what may be a broadly defined industry. Then, for your chosen industry segment, answer the following questions. Conduct an analysis of Porter’s five competitive forces. Identify which competitive forces pose the greatest threats to industry profitability. Based on the analysis above, how attractive is this industry (i.e., are profit growth opportunities low, moderate, or high)? Provide quantitative evidence to support your answer to this question. Discuss factors in the macro-environment (i.e. PESTEL analysis) that influence performance in this industry. Identify factors that are potential opportunities and factors that are potential threats to industry performance. Identify leading and lagging firms in the industry. To do this, you must first identify the top five or six firms based on financial ratios and other measures of competitive advantage. Then, rank these firms based on quantitative and qualitative measures of competitive advantage. You must support conclusions with facts and data analysis. Use the Mergent Online database or NetAdvantage database as a source for financial ratios. Company choice: NETFLIX !!!!!!!!!! The following is the data URL support Attached is a sample written ratio analysis. Note that this was part of comprehensive company analysis. In contrast, your assignment focuses on comparing a chosen company to its primary competitors. Therefore, focus primarily on how this sample analysis compares the focus company to its competitors for each ratio category.Writing Sample of Ratio Analysis (1)

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