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Sally, aged fifteen, is a talented violinist who performs regularly in her home city. Don, her manager and tutor, arranges a tour around Australia designed to showcase Sally’s unique talent. It is arranged that Sally will tour for six months and play twice a day, six days a week. Following extensive bookings and the hiring of several support staff, Sally gets cold feet and attempts to terminate the contract. Is Sally entitled to rescind the contract?

Assessment criteria • Demonstrates a capacity to identify legal issues from a set of facts • Demonstrates knowledge and understanding of substantive areas of law including contract, agency and property law • Shows an ability state legal principles supported by appropriate legal authority • Demonstrates a capacity to apply legal principles to the facts of a case study. • shows a sophisticated understanding of the key issues • demonstrates a capacity to explain and apply relevant concepts • justifies any conclusions reached with well-formed arguments not merely assertion • provides a conclusion or summary • complies with normal academic standards of legibility, referencing and bibliographical details (including reference list). • is written clearly with accurate spelling, grammar and sentence and paragraph construction • appropriate citation and referencing used (using Australian Legal Citation Guide) question 2: contract law minors q3: contract law condition& warranty question 4 agency answer form: Issue: the question Rule: what law Application: rulbcqes to fact Conclusion: answer the question

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