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Access all of the Learning Materials provided for Modules 6 and 7, and the rubric attached to the “Problem/Solutions Discussion” Discussion Board. Research your topic, following the research rules in the Team Project Overview (minimum 6 sources; must include a book of some kind, a scholarly article, and a credible website). Create the cited Problem and Solutions section with an APA format References page, as follows: 1) Write a thorough exploration of the problem using a descriptive heading and at least two sub-headings; do not assume any prior knowledge on the part of your audience (write with secondary audiences in mind). Use a Canadian perspective on the problem, please. Make sure to consider the 5W’s: who, what, when, where, why – and how – and to organize your information logically; for example, “what” should come before “who” and “how many”. Always organize by content, never by source. For most problems, a definition is a good starting point. Consider whether you need to explore any or all of the following: legal framework, statistics or trends, causes, negative effects. As you write, make sure that every sentence supports the focus of the current heading/subheading, and that the connections between ideas are always clear. Every sentence in the problem section should NEED to be cited: present research-based facts only, without essay-style commentary or generalizations. • Note: if you cannot find Canadian data (a rare problem these days), you can use US data if you: • Clearly acknowledge the data is American in-text and • Cite a source that clarifies that the problem is similar in both countries. 2) Under a “Solutions” heading, introduce the section with a brief summary (not description) of the solution options, and then use a minimum of three sub-headings to explore at least three unique and distinct ways to solve the problem as a whole (do not attempt to explore solutions that address only one part of the problem at a time). For each solution, begin with a clear solution statement (e.g. “X could solve the problem of Y by…”), and then fully explain the solution idea. Some of this may be brainstormed; provide as much research-based support as possible (this can include international research from countries with related socioeconomic cultures). Be careful to discuss the solution objectively as a possibility only (using “could/might” language), without subjective or definitive analysis (don’t say what “should” be done, or what is “good/better/best”, or even what “will” happen, etc.). • Following a complete explanation, identify the pros and cons for each solution under separate sub-sub-headings (level 3). Be as specific as possible with as much research support as possible. • Organize ideas carefully so that the content under each heading clearly supports that heading only (e.g. don’t misplace pros/cons in the explanation section or explanations in the pros/cons sections). 3) Following the APA Guide (, create a References Page that follows APA format and that follows the appropriate pattern for each source. Pay careful attention to the variety of source types for which APA provides patterns; choose the BEST match, not a “sort of” match. Remember that scholarly articles accessed via the Sheridan Library are NOT web sources, and that many “web” sources have more specific patterns (e.g. statistics, government documents, newspaper/magazine articles). Pay careful attention to detail: capitalization, italics, punctuation, even spacing all matter in the code of APA (as does order). NOTE: Sheridan is still using the 6th Edition of APA at the moment. If you look at external APA guides, make sure they are for the 6th edition of APA.

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