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As part of my Grad Cert I had to Propose a business case and a feasibility study plan. Which I have successfully done, and passed. Now I am required to expand more on those 2 and deliver a business analysis, a business plan endorsement along with the Financial spreadsheet. I provide the idea of the business and I would like someone to expand the idea into business analysis and endorsement plan, linked to my business proposal and feasibility study. In the attached files you will find 1 & 2 are my submitted assignments 3 & 4 & 5 are provided templates to work from, however if you dont need them do not use them, as long as whatever is asked there is covered.5 To do ICTCT803 Business-Plan Endorsement-Development-Guide-Spreadsheet 1 Business Case proposal 4 To do ICTICT803-Business-Plan Endosement-Template 2 Feasibility Study HSH 3 To do ICTICT809 Business analysis Template

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