Book Summary-Nightis

Part 1 Book Summary: The first part of the assignment is to summarize the book’s contents (200-250 words, 1 page). Make sure to describe the story’s setting (this includes the time and location of when the story takes place) as well as the protagonist’s history and roles. You also ought to describe the story’s major plotline and outcome.

Part 2 Book Review: The second part of the assignment is to compare Wiesel’s book to the historical reality (600-750 words, 2-3 pages) How does Wiesel’s book reflect a particular chapter of World History? Is it accurate or filled with exaggerations? What are Wiesel’s intentions in publishing this book, and do they interfere or help illustrate this period of history? Does Wiesel skip any significant historical facts? Make sure to support your paper with citations from the book.

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